Forget your Google password and sign in with your phone screen lock

Hello everyone, I hope this might be a new thing for you. But some might know this trick. Well, now a days you may maintain several accounts in the internet market such as Google account, Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and so many but at a time it’s very difficult to remember all those accounts passwords as well. But here is I will guide you on sign in your Google account such as gmail with your phone screen lock or pin or any swiping pattern. Yes, this is really simple. But your phone must connected with internet to unlock your Google account with your phone.

Google suggests have strong passwords for your accounts because of security issues from hackers. But sometimes we forgot those sensitive password. But mostly no one forget their phone screen lock or pin, right? So you can login Google account with your phone screen lock or pin easily.

Well, let’s see how to do it.

Forget your Google password and sign in with your phone screen lock

For Android

Go to tap on Google Settings ( not phone settings )

Then tap on Sign-in & security option

Then, select your gmail account if you have multiple accounts from top menu

then tap Get started in the Tired of typing passwords? section, or try the Use your phone to sign in setting.

Now, confirm your screen lock by tapping on Confirm screen lock button.

When you confirm screen lock you got notification that is Trying to sign in? banner will appear at the top of your sign-in phone’s screen. Tap on that to Confirm screen lock button, and enter your PIN or swipe pattern.

then, it will ask, Trying to change your Google Account settings?, tap on Yes.

Now you have alert that “Sign in approved”.

Now, you are almost done. Last thing you will do is just tap on Turn on button.

That’s it. It’s all over.

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For iOS

Just download and install the official Google app for iOS. Once you’ve got it and you’re signed in, tap your Gmail address in the top-left corner of the screen, then tap on Google Account settings > Sign-in & security, then tap the Tired of typing passwords?. Then follow the procedure.

For Desktop

Just sign in to your Google account from a web browser, click your profile image in the top-right corner of the page, click the blue My Account button, then click Sign-in and security and finally the Tired of typing passwords?. Then follow the given instructions.

Note: If you did not see the Tired of typing passwords? option, that’s because of you are setting the two step verification for your Google account. So you need to turn it off before using this sign in with phone screen lock or pin.


Now sign out all your accounts. Again trying to sign in to your Google account. It will ask for phone screen lock to sign in the Google Account. Even though if you have password. But you can still login with the password.

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